Advanced Nursing Ethics and Vales

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Ethics is the moral principle that governs an individual’s or group's behavior. Everyday nurses encounter challenging ethical dilemmas in providing care for their patients. Some of the challenging dilemmas include providing care that will prolong life but decrease quality of life, euthanasia, whether to break confidentiality to provide care for a patient, stem cell research, etc. Currently, ethical decisions in the nursing profession and health care are becoming more complex. Due to this change nurses today require advanced problem solving ability and critical thinking skills to deal with ethical issues. Patient’s lives can be greatly affected by the decisions healthcare members make pertaining to their care. Decisions involving ethics…show more content…
Ethical rules were created based on consistent beliefs and experiences that in turn guided our individual acts. Deontological theory provides well defined guidelines when determining righteousness of an action. It encourages autonomy and equality for all patients. Virtue Ethics: Virtue ethics can be defined as a classification of normative ethics that contemplates moral character and how an individual’s action is directly related to their moral virtue. If an individual’s character is good then their decisions and actions will be right. This places the focus on the person not the regulations or customs of a particular culture. Virtue has also been described as a person’s character trait. Kindness, compassion, honesty, loyal, and trustworthiness are all traits that if sought after and used routinely can be learned and achieved. Moral Particularism: Moral particularism is the view of ethics that states there are no moral principles. Particularism emphasizes there is no superseding principles that are pertinent to every situation or that can be conceptualized to be used in every single case. Moral judgment is made on a case by case decision. When presented with a particular case, a healthcare provider can have one or a number of moral principles that can affect their opinion and decision. Every one of these principles weighs in to the overall equation of the person’s decision.

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