Advanced Nursing Practice

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This paper will evaluate the local, national and international drivers that have influenced the development of advanced nursing practice. The discussion will include the political, economic, social, and technological influences that have contributed to the transformation from the traditional nursing role to the numerous exciting advanced level career opportunities achievable in nursing today. Dynamics that have shaped my own current advanced nursing role will be discussed and to conclude some thoughts on the future of advanced nursing practice. Defining the role of an advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) is complex and commonly open to interpretation. Internationally there are many variances in what the role of the advanced practitioner…show more content…
Nurses are key to achieving high quality care which is patient centred and effective, and opportunities exist for ANP’s to work in new ways in response to the needs of the public so enabling innovation to thrive (Sturgeon 2008), (Prime Ministers Commission 2010). The public have increasing knowledge of healthcare and expect equity of services, they want faster access to treatments and individual choice, direct linking to highly trained nurse led services have proven to improve health outcomes and assist in preventing delays resulting in cost effective responses to healthcare needs (DOH 2009a), (DOH 2010a), (DOH 2010b) (RCN 2010). There may have been early criticism of nurses undertaking traditional doctors’ roles regarding this as a less expensive solution to a gap in the workforce nonetheless literature continually supports ANP’s in their role and measurement of patient outcomes and the public’s opinion remains continually positive. (Sturgeon 2008), (Currie & Watterson 2009), (Lowe at al 2011), (Stanik-Hutt et al 2013). In addition to an ageing population there is an ageing nursing workforce, new ways of working that offer attractive careers with greater levels of autonomy will attract high calibre staff to the profession assisting recruitment and support the retention of the nursing workforce where individuals may have previously left
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