Advanced Nursing Roles

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Advanced Nursing Roles Name Institution Date Advanced Nursing Roles Sister Calista Roy - Adaptation theory Adaptation theory is one of the nursing theories that have had a significant impact in the general practice of nursing in the world. Nursing is one of the technical activities and undertakings that need immediate and tedious professionalism. In most cases, nurses are supposed to undergo equitable training and impartation programs that seek to add into their contemporary activities in the society. In order to be able to meet the daily challenges and difficulties posed by the profession, many nurses have engaged in education programs and training. Nursing requires nurse and all the participants to be at the forefront in the management of the available activities. For instance, nursing challenges are everywhere in the society. This means that in order to have a larger scale of performance and maintenance of the nursing standards in the nursing field, nurses, and many other participants should be introduced to the theory of Adaptation. According to Daniels (2010), adaptation involves educational measures that are directed at letting the client be conversant with the practical terms and conditions of the work they are to engage in the profession or the field. The Adaptation theory is used to solve many educational challenges being faced by nurses and other health specialists in the field (Daniels, 2010). There has been a wide speculation of nursing problems when it
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