Advanced Practice Nursing Essay examples

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My own perspective on Advanced Practice Nursing ABSTRACT: The need for continuing education in nursing has been accentuated in response to rapidly changing health care environment. Expanding knowledge by pursuing higher education allows nurses to enlarge one’s practice. Furthermore, higher education in nursing has been shown that a nurse’s level of education can become a critical factor to the patient-centered quality of care. This essay describes increased demand for higher education in nursing and emphasizes the necessity of continuing education to provide optimum patient care in various setting. Techniques and technologies in the medical field constantly evolve and change. With such a huge increase in information, there is…show more content…
As people’s life expectancy increases, the nursing field needs to keep pace with the rapid changes. There’s increased needs for nurses in many different field as well such as nursing home, hospitals, ambulatory cares, palliative care, and hospices. Therefore, an expectation of a role as a nurse has been rise. Nursing skills and knowledge cannot remain limited, but need to utilize in more various setting. In order to provide better care in various nursing field, continuing education is essential. For example, as population and their lifespan increases there’s also new diseases and new treatment has been developed. A competence nurse must embrace old and new skills and thorough knowledge to achieve best quality of care and optimum patient’s overall outcome. The quality of patient care heavily depends on nurses’ level of education. One research proves that nurses who received higher level of education showed lower mortality rate, less medical errors, and higher patient satisfaction. This outcome is related to higher education which prepared nurses to handle various circumstances with appropriate answers. Nurses are people who spend most of time with ill individuals at the bed side. Nursing education will provide new demanding roles of nurses’ requirement such as seeing the patient as a whole, providing appropriate response to patient’s condition, and integrating knowledge and skills accordingly.
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