Advanced Practice Nursing Roles

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Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
Kendall M. Kramer
South Dakota State University

Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
Our community hosts a variety of advanced practice nursing occupations. Clinical nurse leaders, nurse educators, nurse administrators, and clinical nurse specialists, along with nurse practitioners, augment the role of the nurse with higher education. Joel define advanced practice nursing as nurses assisting patients with medical maintenance in nearby areas (2013). Many universities offer masters and doctorate programs, which educate nurses to fulfill a higher standard of care.
Similarities and differences of APN roles
Advanced practice registered nursing jobs relate and vary from one another. Every role warrants well-being, training, direction, innovative understanding, healing, and health maintenance to both patients and students. All advanced practice nurses recognize the importance of applying research to gain the best results. Each role must operate in partnership with other members of the medical team for any of them to be prosperous (Zaccangnini & White, 2017). Zaccangnini and White recommend doctoral degrees along with advanced studies in education application for nurse educators. PhD prepared nurses also educate undergraduate nursing students and advanced degree seeking nurses as well. Nurse educators must comprehend nursing practice at the most advanced point in all areas of nursing (2017).
Zaccangnini and White disclose…
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