Advanced Skeletons

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Topic: Advanced Prosthetics / Exoskeletons Do people ever think about what would happen if they lost an influential body part and would no longer be able to perform everyday activities like they used to? This is a very serious issue but luckily there are multiple ways to solve it. Amputations, the surgical removal of limbs, can be either the entire limb or just a portion of it ( Although amputations are only performed on about 0.5 percent of people, this number is bound to increase hand-in-hand with obesity and diabetes (cite source). Prosthetics are artificial limbs that replace these amputated limbs ( Prosthetics and exoskeletons for the human body continue to transform the way of life for many individuals.…show more content…
Prosthetics offer a way for disabled individuals with amputations to get back on their feet and perform activities needed for everyday use. When comparing a prosthetic hand to an hand transplant they are positives and negatives to both side. A prosthetic hand replaces motor function for people to return to their normal day routine fairly quick. In addition, learning the control for these prosthetic devices is relatively simple (Salminger, 2016). However, at the same time, prosthetics do not allow for individuals to retain sensory information including touch. Also, keeping up with personal hygiene with an artificial limb may be difficult (Salminger, 2016). On the other hand, hand transplants have the ability to restore people with their sense of touch. Additionally, the biological tissue that is used for these hand transplants has self-repairing qualities. After the healing of this transplant, the hand would practically be back to where it was before the amputation (Salminger, 2016). On the negative side, many immunosuppressive drugs are used in the recovery process after receiving a transplant. These specific drugs may result in serious side-effects. So, in order for a patient to receive a transplant they need to be in extremely healthy condition and also be given sufficient post-surgery treatments (Salminger, 2016). Although this is…show more content…
The abilities of a successfully functioning exoskeleton machine seem to have no boundaries. For example, Juliano Pinto, a professional soccer player from Brazil was fitted for an exoskeleton that could be controlled by his brain. In the Men’s World Cup game, Pinto instructed his legs to kick a soccer ball, and believe it or not it worked (Eveleth, 2015). Another individual that has found success in the exoskeleton is Robert Woo. Woo was paralyzed from the waist down. when fourteen-thousand pounds of steel tubes fell off a crane, up twenty-five stories high, and onto his body. The ReWalk exoskeleton was able to get him walking again and he noted that this device changed his life (Eveleth, 2015). Today, the exoskeleton continues to prosper as fantasy ideas sketched out on paper actually become a reality. The XOS exoskeleton invented by Steve Jacobsen is the most recent and advanced exoskeleton in existence at this time (Wilson, 2013). This exoskeleton was specifically designed for military use. It would allow for increased strength and endurance and protection against bullets and other weapons which would mean less injuries that need immediate medical assistance (Wilson, 2013). Although this innovation seems limitless, the power and battery life pose some serious challenges. Along with difficulties relating to power, other problems are related to height and weight
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