Advanced Technology Technologies : Technical Report

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Advanced Networking Technologies
Technical Report
Optical Fiber Networks

In 1870, a person called John Tyndall demonstrated and experiment in which the water from one container flows to the another container where the water is on top container flows into the container which is at the bottom, then john projected a light beam on to the top container, he observed that the light followed a “zigzag” path in the curved water flow. Form that experiment he realized that light can also be transmitted. This is the first discovery of light transmitting in a path. Figure 1- John Tyndall’s Experiment
Then after in 1880, William Wheeling called this light transmission as “piping light” and patented it. But the idea failed because of using the mirrored pipes through plumbing.
Then Alexander Graham Bell developed a photo phone which is an optical voice transmission system. Free space light is used to transmit the human voice up to 200meters. Mirrors are placed on to the diaphragm towards the mouth piece of the photo phone. And the parabolic reflector is placed at the other end with a light sensitive resistor. As a person spokes into the photo phone, creates a vibration in diaphragm with the different intensities of light onto the selenium resistor. The intensity of light passed through the telephone receiver converts light back into speech. Bell believed that this discovery is better for telephone because it does not require…
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