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Technology Advancement and the Effect on the Workplace Technology has constantly changed and has advanced drastically in the workplace. Technological changes and advancements are seen in social media, automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Social media connects the world, both personally and professionally and also has affected people’s jobs. The idea that robots could one day imitate human like functions and take over human like abilities has been in process. Technology advancement alone has had positive and negative effects on human life especially in the workplace. In his article, “What is Technology?”, Andy Lane, professor at the Open University, speaks on what the meaning of technology…show more content…
Social media has been one involuntary way in which has somewhat taken a course and has become one way in which employees are being screened from their social media. A manager at a company may have concerns as to who they are hiring and may what to see more inside information about their employee. A manager has been given the ability to ask the potential employee for their username and password to their social media and pull up any information they can find. In article How Social Media Can Hurt Your Career, journalist, Rachel Zupek speaks on the negative impacts social media has on jobs and goes on to show some examples of what a worker should not do on social media. Zupek states that “[Technology is] also becoming the latest way for people to get job offers rescinded, reprimanded at work and even fired” (para…show more content…
Automation is defined as “the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machineries in an industry to replace a human being.” People are always trying to find the easier way out. If there is a way to get the job done without the person actually doing the job they will go for it. Today a person will turn to the GPS on their phone rather than to look at a paper map. Easily, with an iPhone, an automated system such as “Siri” can tell you where the nearest location to somewhere is without any problem. Besides being able to tell you where a location is, Siri is almost basically a “personal assistant.” How? With just the tap of a microphone a person can tell Siri exactly what to do and Siri is able to get it done. With this sort of advancement of technology, comes the increase of human
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