Advancement in Technology Increased the Use of Fossil Fuel

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As time advanced, so did technology; which increased the use of fossil fuels, mechanics, and more of the Earth’s natural resources. Humans have left their mark in several ways such as, pollution, overpopulation, and deforestation. Though human efforts have been made to improve our ways of abuse to the earth, none could entirely secure the damage made. Pollution is, and has always been, a major issue in the world. It has affected the world on such an immense level that it is considered to be one of the main FUTURE challenges (SIKM 1). Pollution is the improper disposal of trash and waste items in an environment along with the admissions of chemicals. Though this seems like a minor situation, the disposal of trash builds up and contaminates the earth throughout time. There are 3 types of pollution; Trash (solid wastes), air/carbon, and water (occasionally noise/sound) (Uddin 1). In the past decade, pollution rates increased; some believe that it has something to do with the population rates as well. Overpopulation and the continuous population growth have contributed greatly to the earth’s human impact. Heavily overpopulated areas are considerably more corrupt because of their effects in the environment and their carelessness toward their own problems. (Cassils 2). As the numbers go up, so does the need for producing goods, the use of motorized vehicles, and the operation of buildings and…
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