Advancements In Technology Are Shown To Lead To An Increase

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Advancements in technology are shown to lead to an increase of violence which in turn equates itself to an increase in modernity. With a rise in modernity also comes a rise in violence, and a rise in violence can be indicative of a rise in modernity, and so the cycle continues turning. Beginning from what Tonio Andrade terms, “the Gunpowder Age”, Eastern countries like China begin with a military advantage over the West. This specific time period deals with the use of gunpowder and its role in modernization, thus proving the link between military power and modernization. Andrade focuses on how China goes from being the gold standard of war with the use of gunpowder and thick walls to falling further behind the West. After Western…show more content…
Only until the military revolution, a term coined by Anirudh Deshpande and Barton C. Hacker, did Europe grow ahead of Eastern powers. As defined by Deshpande, the military revolution was a time period in which nation states solidified themselves and technology advanced. Hacker explains it to be the point at which Western states surged ahead of Eastern states. Both definitions hold true to the progression of technology that occurred in Europe as a whole. At first, the European advantage began with massed archers and organized musketry. As army sizes grew, strategies advanced, and technology grew with it. Artillery became the focus rather than sheer man power and strategies evolved to direct assault to attrition. Long range cannons became the standard and the seas were European dominated. Navies shifted from having light guns on their ships of larger numbers to heavier ships with heavier and deadlier guns, allowing for sturdier ships and more firepower. Thus, the West moved ahead in power and grew to dominate the Eastern countries. This superiority over the Eastern powers relates to an increase in violence, an example being the Napoleonic Wars. As Western technology became more battle specific and deadlier, wars became more prevalent and lasted longer, e.g. the many battles and many years of the Napoleonic Wars. More specific case studies prove the domination of West over East and in turn, prove that modernity rested on
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