Advancements Of Medicine And Science

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The advancements of medicine and science has grown exponentially throughout the eras from the colonial time, till now. There have been many different contributors that have focused on creating cures for different diseases that have killed billions of people. Diseases that changed the entire world, such as chicken pox, yellow fever, influenza, syphilis, small pox, etc. and the contributors who have received recognition for participating in the cure of some of those illnesses. The medicine and science has changed dramatically since the colonial era and scientist are continuing to create medicine that will cure any infectious disease that has caused the evolution of humanity to change constantly. Throughout time there has been a drastic change in medicine and science; such changes include physicians gaining trust, the advancements in medicine and science, and the current state in which science and medicine are used to promote good health and create a better world.
During the colonial era, there where cases in which physicians were not trust worthy. As stated by Alan Brinkley on the book The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, “Physicians had little or no understanding of infection and sterilization” (55). There was mostly miscommunication during those times due to the lack of knowledge when it came to medicine, therefore many people were not aware of what an infection or sterilization meant and when going into surgery, many tools used were not sterile,
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