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Technological Advancements in Medicine In the past, doctors have used old ways of writing prescriptions and keeping health records. The days of the doctor writing a prescription on a pad in handwriting only they can read are over. Also, electronic health records make accessing records a breeze. The doctor’s experience now is much easier now with implementations of virtual prescription, electronic health records, and the ability to speak with a doctor from the comfort of your own home. In the future, the experience will be made a lot easier by taking the human doctor out of the equation and providing a program that scans someone and comes up with a diagnosis within seconds. The experience with doctors can be a burden for most people…show more content…
(Grossman et al. 2012). E-prescriptions are one of many technological advancements in the medical field put in place to make the experience easier. Another advancement in the medical field is the electronic medical record system. Many patients find obtaining health records to be difficult because to do so, you need to make a trip to the doctor’s office. With the advancement of electronic medical records, this is no longer the case. Patients’ health record will follow them and allow access throughout the medical field electronically. This implementation will make it easier if patients must move to a different area or have doctors that move to a different practice. There are a few benefits that help both the patient and the doctor. One benefit according to is to identify if patients are due for preventive checkups and screenings ( 2016). When patients used to get appointments scheduled it would be on an appointment card, which would become lost some of the time. Also, if a patient is due for a health screening the program will alert the physician. Doctors can just review the EMR database and contact patients when it is time for them to come in. The website also states that using electronic medical records can track how a patient measures up to standards and when vaccinations are due ( 2016). This benefits
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