Advancements Of Modern Technology : Ct And Mri

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Advancements in Modern Paleontology Kevin Martin INTRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY CT & MRI Advancements in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging have allowed a vast amount of research to be conducted on the fossilized remains of prehistoric creatures. In one area it has allowed the detailed study of the bone structure of these animals and how soft tissue connects to the bone. This process was carried out by studying the anatomy and bone structure of modern animals and comparing the unique marks left on the bone by soft tissue to the marks on the fossilized bones. Lawrence Witmer has been studying this for the past thirty years and has been able to determine how the soft tissue connected to the bones of these extinct creatures and…show more content…
(12) When these scans are read into specialized software, scientist and engineers can assemble the entire skeleton of the creature and study its morphology. Scientist can use the date from where the muscles attached and place muscle on the bone in three dimensional space and determine many things. They can determine the range of movement the creature had, how it walked, how it ran, even the speed at which the animal could have moved. The data collected during testing the animal’s speed based off of bone and muscle design combined with measurements of known fossilized track can be used to get a very accurate measurement of the animal’s speed. Another interesting feature with the scanning methods and digital recording is that the airways and resonance chambers inside the skulls of some dinosaurs can be recreated using the three dimensional resin printer and the sounds that dinosaurs could make can be recreated, providing a good estimation of what the animals would sound like, although there are other factors involved that cannot be recreated with digital scanning and bone recreation, thus the animals true sound will never be known. (5, 6, 7) GENETICS Better understanding of what certain genes and gene sequences do in the developmental process of an organism has led to more accurate studies and understanding of the lineage of extinct organisms. In the case of hominid research, and tracing
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