Advancements Of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

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Innovative technological advancements in plastic and reconstructive surgery have led to a multitude of procedures that are specifically designed to enhance an individual 's appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ' 2016 National Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, the number of breast enhancement procedures performed annually continues to rise. It is no surprise that every woman wants to look her best: As such, the breasts are one area of the body that many of the women residing in Manhattan would like Dr. Nina S. Naidu to address. Dr. Naidu is an experienced, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in NYC who performs breast enhancement procedures to provide women with the youthful-looking,…show more content…
However, below is a brief overview of the issues that a breast augmentation with lift can be used to address. A breast lift with augmentation in Manhattan can be used to: restore breast volume that has been lost; increase breast size; improve the contour of the breasts; elevate the breasts; eliminate excess skin; address pendulous breasts; improve the projection of the breasts; reduce the size of each nipple-areolar complex; raise each nipple-areolar complex; and/or enhance the symmetry of the breasts. Who Should Consider a Breast Lift with Augmentation? If you would like more voluptuous breasts that sit higher on your chest and want smaller areolae, a breast lift with augmentation may be able to provide you with the youthful-looking, fuller breasts that you desire. Taking the First Step Women in Manhattan who are interested in having a breast enhancement procedure should contact Dr. Naidu’s office at 212-452-1230 to schedule an initial consultation. For the convenience of her patients, registration paperwork can be printed and completed prior to their first appointment. Furthermore, patients who would rather complete their registration paperwork online (without the need to print it out) can do so by calling the office and requesting login information for Dr. Naidu’s New Patient Portal. An Initial Consultation with Dr. Nina S. Naidu in Manhattan If you printed and then completed your
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