Advancements Of Science And Technology

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Science and technology has been the basis for mankind since the beginning of time. It has improved the way humans live on the earth, and has refined the physical and social concepts on which mankind thrive upon. Transhumanists suggest we, as humans, through developing technologies, can refine our psychological, physical and intellectual abilities. Throughout time science and technology, has helped humans better ready themselves from natural disasters, improved the perspective on the geography of the earth and around it, as well as defined different cultures and societies around the globe. As much as technology has been criticized, it has even more developed the way of living and has made communication around the world easier and faster. Inventions and innovations have helped improve the way humans adapt and the quality of life.
Science has helped determined, and helped prevent natural disasters. These fatal threats risk all living things on Earth. The advancement in technology has assisted in the protection from these catastrophic events. Before the technology that is available today, elders predicted weather through natural patterns that would help forecast the weather. Today, meteorologists use technology that is able to use the patterns to better predict more detailed weather conditions. By means of technology, monitoring severe weather systems, for example a tornado is really simple. Unlike hurricanes, the formation of tornadoes is harder to detect, but through the
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