Advancements Of The Early Modern Period Medicine

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It is difficult to decide whether the developments, inventions and discoveries of the Early Modern Period contributed to European power or whether it contributed to European progress. The reason this is, is because in the case of Europe, especially in this time period, power and progress seemed to go hand in hand. In the case of discovery the countries that had the most power led the way in discovering new land, it was this curiosity in expanding power that led to the progress of new worlds and opportunities. The invention of the printing press contributed to providing knowledge and therefore an aspect of power to people who did not have it beforehand and it was the progress of medicines and sciences that ensured not only the power and ‘superiority’ of European knowledge but also the ability to progress to the next level of knowledge.
From the beginnings of the Early Modern Period medicine was essentially summed up in high mortality rates and the notion that men and women were two completely different people anatomically, treatments were largely herbal and the type of doctor you went to see depended on what was wrong with you and if you could afford them . “Attaining and preserving a state of health, therefore, required balance, and that equilibrium was inherently elusive and easily forfeited” . However, while there was some progress in this field throughout the period it was not as drastic as one would expect, the Galenic body of the four humours was still a dominant…
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