Advancements for Women throughout History

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In 2014, on average there is about 4.35 million more women with college degrees than men. In the 1500’s women were treated with considerable respect for the most part. However they weren’t entitled to any political rights especially married women, such as voting or working in the same field as men. They were only allowed to work in fields such as the clothing industry, maid services, or in the medical field as caretakers. Being that women had fewer rights than men this prevented them from reaching their ultimate limit. If women are obsolete, then men will soon be extinct. This is discrimination in 2014. Where did this patriarchal society come from? According to Collins patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. This is synonymous to the oppression of women. We assume the lack of evidence which tells us that all societies have been patriarchal because it has been rooted in biology or in the environment. It is implausible to believe men actually came together from all over the world with the conclusion suppressing women was acceptable. Some believe if there had not been patriarchal societies we would all be completely destroyed. This was once a necessary mechanism used for survival that quickly died out due to women stepping out with confidence. Leapfrog's new study shows baby girls at the age of two possess larger vocabularies and speak sooner than baby boys. However, despite this report primary

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