Advancements in Med-Care since the Civil War Essay

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George Wunderlich once stated, “The American Civil War often gets credit for ending slavery and reshaping the federal government in this country. But the war between the states has another, often overlooked legacy: It may have started a new era in modern medicine” (“Civil War Medicine Quotes”). Contamination of medical equipment, poor sanitation methods, and lack of efficient medical procedures all led to the spread of disease, which resulted in death. However, modern medicine has significantly improved from the Civil War, due to its horrendous medical practices. The Civil War had countless impacts on the nation, but its most significant impacts were the advances in medical equipment, procedures and sanitation. Among diseases and injuries, sanitation was one of the leading causes of death during the war. When the Civil War began, the United States was not medically prepared for the war and the excessive amount of deaths that occurred. Michael Rhode, an archivist at the National Museum of Health of Health and Medicine said, “Medically, the United States was woefully prepared when the Civil War began in the spring of 1861” (Sohn). With the United States not being prepared for war, doctors and surgeons were able to realize the advances they needed to make in the medical field, mainly in the sanitation systems. During the Civil War, standardized medical schools did not exist. Because doctors did not receive the proper education, they had no idea how many diseases were spread,…

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