Advancements in Medical Technology Essay

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Advancements in Medical Technology

Advancements in technology, especially advancements in computers, have caused a major impact on today’s society.“More specifically, profound effect on modern day medicine.”[ 1.] [1] It has changed almost every aspect of the medical field, from the instruments used to the medicines prescribed to the operations preformed.“New technologies allow healthcare professionals to save people they never could have saved before.”[ 1.] [2] “The 20th-century has brought with it many advancements in medicine.” [ 1.] [3]Below is a list of the then most important advancements, none of which would have been possible without improvements in technology.

The Ten
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e organisms and cells and therefore can discover new ways to treat or prevent them.X-rays also allow for a closer look at the human body.They let doctors check the density of bones and determine whether or not they are broken.Computer controlled machines, such as CAT scans and MRI’s, provide images for doctors to analyze and as a result they furnish premium diagnoses and treatments.“New instruments allow researchers to perform experiments and study things that are otherwise inaccessible.” [ 1.] [6]

Recent improvements in technology have helped develop medicines to treat and prevent illnesses.Antibiotics, for instance, were rating number one on the top ten advancements in medicine, which means they have made the largest strives in the 20th-century.Without antibiotics a simple common cold could eventually turn in to something more serious, even deadly.Therefore, antibiotics are a way to stop a sickness as well as a way of preventing a more serious illness.Vaccines have a similar function, they are a way of eliminating an illness before it starts.They make the body immune to the virus before it comes in contact with it.This can save many peoples lives because most of the viruses the vaccines prevent are deadly.Some of the most common vaccines used today are the polio and the smallpox vaccinations.Another form of medication that is made great improvements is birth control.Birth control unlike antibiotics and vaccines does not save lives it prevents
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