Advances and Advocacy in the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke

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Annotated Bibliography Kuklina, Elena V.; Gillespie, Cathleen; George, Mary G. "Ischemic stroke hospitalizations decline in middle aged, elderly, increases in young." American Heart Association News Releases. 9 February 2011. American Heart Association, Inc. 28 April 2011. . This document is important as it gives information about the statistics of the incidence of stroke in the younger generation. Different studies have been discussed with respect to their results regarding the increase in incidence of stroke in young adults of different age groups. Agrawal, Nidhi; Johnston, S. Claiborne; Wu, Yvonne W.; Sidney, Stephen; Fullerton, Heather, J. "Imaging Data Reveal a Higher Pediatric Stroke Incidence Than Prior US Estimates." Stroke. 17 September 2009. American Heart Association, Inc. 29 April 2011. . This paper is important as it discusses the incidence and risk factors of stroke in children and newborns. The significance of this document lies in the fact that is lays emphasis on the fact that many of the cases of stroke in children in newborns are not reported. It also explains the reasons why the treatment of stroke in newborns and children is difficult as compared to that of stroke in adults. Pediatric Stroke. National Stroke Association. 2012. This resource provides us with all the details regarding the risk factors, symptoms and treatment of stroke in children and newborns. It also differentiates the stroke in adults from the stroke in children. These

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