Advances in Animation and Their Effects on Modern Cinema

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Advances in Animation and Their Effects on Modern Cinema Animation has been a huge contributor to today’s media when it comes to movies and televisions programing. For decades, using a series of images to create the illusion of movement, has evolved into billion dollar industries for entertainment. Animated movies are in a completely different league of their own and, no matter how simple they may seem, require a sufficient amount of technique as well as technology. Even live action movies use some form of animation in order to create worlds that could have never been possible without technology. This form of entertainment has shaped standards when it comes to what people expect to see in films in the 21st century. Animation, no…show more content…
They both have their place in modern media, and they both have their own attributes. In order to fully understand the magnitude of how much of a gap in popularity there is between these two different techniques in animating there must be clear statistics that show proof how these movies fair in the box offices. For instance, take a look at Disney’s Princess and the Frog which was a traditionally animated film. It had done well when it came to what movie critics had to say about it, however, it failed in comparison to Pixar at the box office with a return of only $267million (Child n.p). The newest adaption to Winnie the Pooh also received wonderful reviews from critics but was only able to bring in $33million worldwide (Child n.p). Take these two movies and compare them to Bolt (2009) and Tangled (2010) which grossed $310million and $590million individually (Child n.p). That doesn’t necessarily make Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh “bad” movies; critics seemed to think they were just fine. However there is a clear gap between the money made by the CGI films and the hand-drawn films. Furthermore, the matter of whether or not they were both made by different companies is of the question seeing as how all four films were produced by Disney. Traditional animation, using hand-drawn images, has been successful for many decades and

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