Essay on Advances in Technology Raises Ethical Issues

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In the past decade informative technology such as video surveillance has been relentlessly overtaking us with great speed. While such technology certainly has the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of our lives, it also raises important ethical issues. For many years the government has been monitoring us through the use of surveillance technologies such as audio recordings, video recordings, databases, and even tapping into our phone calls. While informative technology is neither bad nor good, it can and is used for both and that is humanity’s biggest problem. Due to this, there are many ethical dilemmas that can result from the misuse of informative technology. One such ethical dilemma is whether a government should have the right to use technology to monitor its citizens without their knowledge or consent and if so how do you limit the power of government to spy on. Moreover who should be allowed to blow the whistle when intelligence gathering goes too far, or when information is misused?
Although this trend of advanced monitoring in the United States had been increasing for years, it is in the aftermath of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that the United States has dramatically increased its use of surveillance technologies all while modifying the laws giving its law enforcement agencies and other governmental agencies nearly unlimited powers in terms of surveillance and monitoring. Legislations such as the Patriot Act gives the…

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