Advancing . It'S Hard To Keep Up Sometimes Isn'T It, Keeping

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Advancing It 's hard to keep up sometimes isn 't it, keeping up with the millennials. Sometimes it just feels like they are advancing every single day. The millennials are often criticized for their over commitment to their phone or device. I have to disagree with this, because in reality the millennials are advancing beyond their years. Think about it last time you did math homework with your parents and they had no idea what any of it was about. Although it may feel like millennials are only invested in their social media and that 's all they care about, sometimes there is a method to the madness. Media is everywhere in our world, if you haven 't noticed. You can not look to your left or right without noticing some kind of media…show more content…
The question might be asked, are they committed or addicted to it? In this essay I will look into key information that leans towards the side the idea that the youth are becoming more engaged and aware of the world around them. Way more than the elderly ever have before. If you think about it, the youth are at a time where anything can be researched and fact checked at any point in time by a simple tap on the phone, maybe ask Siri, she will have the answer spoken back to you. Say you are trying to translate something. Siri can interrupt and speak it back to you in your native tongue. The span of what can be searched in such a short of amount of time is monumental. Information is at our fingertips, and the youth have grasped this idea and ran with it. Everything has moved to social media in the recent years. It seems like news may be posted to CNN Twitter page before it is actually broadcasted to the world on the actual CNN channel. Now, more issues are being spotted on social media rather than on the actual news, because sometimes on television what you see may be controlled or modified in some kind of manner; it may be a title change because that is how they want it to appeal to the general mass. I 'm not going off and stating that all news is fake news, what I am simply saying is that social media is now allowing certain non broadcasted news to be viewed. Social media is largely run by the youth. Larger company CEOs are youth such as: Facebook,

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