Advancing Rural Healthcare: The APN Educator’s Ways and Means

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When assessing the current state of healthcare in the United States, properly forming an answer requires the separation of healthcare by geography, demographics, and economics. These factors influence the quality and availability of services and resources available to clients and professionals. The urban areas will usually have greater access to an array of services and resources, whereas the rural areas will see limitation in this regard. The rural community is normally a place with an eclectic collection of self-reliant people many of whom have never been exposed, within the context of healthcare, to the complexities contained within the healthcare organizations in urban environments. This factor does not eliminate or alleviate, for that …show more content…
Can I accomplish my personal goals and raise a family in a rural community going to be conducive to these personal goals? These are examples of personal and professional questions that must be a part of the metaparadigm assessment for the APN. If the professional goal is to promote the advancement of healthcare within the healthcare community within the constraints of a rural setting and one can embrace the eclectic nature of living in the rural environment, then it may be the case that the APN is not limited but suited for the challenges presented by the metaparadigm. Rural healthcare has a growing need for these professionals along with the services and education they can provide. In rural America, more than 20 million Americans of the total 60 million total rural residents do not receive the care they require. (Fact sheet, 2006) In taking these factors into consideration the APN educator can be confident in the decision to practice in a rural community which will accommodate the professional advancement that is the desired effect for the educator.” Shortages of health facilities, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in rural and isolated areas can result in individuals forgoing preventive medicine and necessary health treatment.” (Fact Sheet, 2006) When the decision is weighed in this context, factors which lure away APN to the urban setting will be neutralized to some extent.
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