Advantage And Disadvantage Of Biometrics

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Nowadays, technology has become one of the greatest agents of change in the modern world. Every year, there are always new technologies that are being introduced to the world and there is no doubt that it also has an effect on us either it is good or bad. Whether it is a complex technology or simple technology, one of the basic of human civilization is that we use technology. Biometrics technology is one of the current trends and technologies used in the business systems today. Biometrics are automated methods of measuring and analyzing a person’s physiological or behavioral characteristics. These characteristic are very unique to individuals hence it can be used to verify or identify a person. Among the features measured…show more content…
These are some several benefits of using biometrics in an existing business: First is the accurate identification, when using the biometrics technology, you can use your biological characteristics like fingerprints or iris scans, which offer you unique and accurate identification methods. And these features cannot be easily be duplicated, in other words only the authorized person gets to access and you get a high level security. The second benefit is that it is easy and safe to use the biometrics security system, because this technology gives you the accurate result with minimal invasiveness as a photograph or a simple scan is usually all that is required. Moreover the hardware and the software can easily be used and installed them without the need of excessive training. And the third benefit is that using biometrics technology can safe more time because biometric identification is extremely quick. A person can easily be identified or rejected in a matter of seconds. Moreover it can reduce cost within organizations. For those business owners who values their time will use this technology so that they can eliminated any fraud and
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