Advantage And Disadvantage Of Europe

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Europe is the second smallest continent, but it has many advantages because of its geographical position. Europe is located between the parallels 36º and 70º of north latitude. Europe because of its geographic position the temperate climates predominate in the continent. One of its greatest advantages is the weather because is generally pleasant and good climates for agriculture, and that increase the production which helps the economy. Europe is close between Asia and Africa which facilitates the commencement also possess a large part of massive land and an extensive and diverse fauna and flora. Even though Europe has a lot of advantages because of its weather, ironically one of its major weaknesses is caused by the weather too. What…show more content…
The force of gravity is very helpful when the area is above sea level, but in the case of Holland, it is not. Then it is necessary to pump the water upwards. Holland has advanced in one incredibly amazing way, and has transformed its most difficult challenges into assets. Not only by standing them but turning them into assets. One of these accomplishments was to use the water that they gained from floods and take advantage of them to use them for the crops that they need. Another country that has turned a geographical challenge into an asset is Italy. Even though Italy is a peninsula (surrounded by water) they not only used that enormous quantity of water to make their crops grow up, but they created a way to coexist with it. Venice, from its origin, coexists with water: the first inhabitants, to escape the incursions of the barbarians, took refuge in the lagoon, and, because of the marshy land, were forced to build palafitos to live. These palafitos, little by little, were becoming one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which lives around the water and whose main street is the Grand Canal, where every day many boats pass that go from one part to the other of the city. Water is the peculiarity of this city, but it is not always easy, because there is also the phenomenon of "acqua alta", the high tide: water covers the floor of Venice because of currents and wind. This phenomenon is more frequent in the months that go from
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