Advantage And Disadvantage Of Golden Jewellery

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Golden Jewellery: To manufacture golden jewellery the moulding technique that can be used is investment casting because investment casting is usually used to make small components with complex shapes. The process of investment casting is as follow:
First of all the component to be made is moulded into wax by pouring the wax in a metal die to make the shape of the component. the metal core is replaced by a wax core then it is all dipped into liquefied ceramic several times making the mould become thicker and thicker after the ceramic cools down, the mould is heated to 730 degrees which causes the wax to melt out of the ceramic mould and also it makes the mould much more stronger. the reason for the mould becoming stronger is that the heat
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the mould is left to cool the hollow component is removed

Advantages of blow moulding:
Can easily produce high or low number of components. There are many different materials to choose from and also tooling is cheaper compared to injection moulding. The component is fully produced instead of just a part being produced and also there are no cores.

Disadvantages of blow moulding: the components made using this method are not biodegradable. Different components have different thickness and sizes, these are hard to control e.g “as the larger the product being built gets, the thinner the polymer has to be stretched” (reference:

Other type of materials that can be used to make water moulding:
High density polyethene
Low density polyethene
Stainless steel
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Health and safety issues related to: sand casting: (reference: the fumes from the metal are very strong so it can be hard to breath sand particles in the air can cause choking handling molten metal manually is very dangerous as it can fall over you tripping is very common. so, make sure the working environment is clean fire proof clothing should be worn in case a fire breaks out while using the electrical equipment. this will also protect the employee from burns caused by the molten metal casting sand has different materials inside it so its always better to wear gloves when handling it because it can cause damage to sensitive skin

Powder metallurgy:
Powder metallurgy is the process of forming powdered metals. Working with powdered metals can carry a seriously health and safety risk. Some of the risks are listed below
Lead, widely used in the production of pencils is poison to our body. If powdered lead is inhaled on continuous basis because it is like a poison it can cause death. degradation should be avoided. Degradation is caused by the contamination of
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