Advantage And Disadvantage Of Lifi Technology

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Abstract-Li-Fi stands for light fidelity, uses LED of data transfer. This technology was proposed by by the German physicist—Harald Haas. This paper focuses on developing a Li-Fi based system and analyzes its performance with respect to existing technology. The paper also the study on advantages as well as disadvantages of using LiFi in transferring data from one computer to another computer. The use of this technology can reduce many problems of currently used data transfer technology
Keywords— LED, Li-Fi technology, Wi-Fi technology, data transmission, Visible light 1. introduction Now a day it is very important to have a high speed internet. It is impossible to think
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4. Advantages of Li-Fi
• Light has 10000 times wider bandwidth than radio frequency so the capacity of data transfer will be better than that of Wi-Fi.
• Instead of using radio wave, Li-Fi uses visible light for communication.
• Data transmission through Li-Fi is very cheap as LED uses very less amount of energy.
• Security of a Li-Fi network is much better because the light cannot penetrate the walls so no one can misuse the network.
• The shortage issue of radio frequency bandwidth may be solved by using Li-Fi.
• Using Li-Fi each street lamp can be used as a free data access point.
• Underwater Wi-Fi does not work at all, here Li-Fi can be used for data transmission

5. Disadvantages of Li-Fi
Although there are lot of advantages of Li-Fi there are many challenges that we have to face and overcome.
• The main problem with Li-Fi is how the receiver will transfer the data back to the transmitter.
• Li-Fi works on direct line of sight.
• The network topology is point to

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