Advantage And Disadvantage Of Plastic

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glass fibers which are commonly used in commercial industries. They are E-glass and S-glass; the E-glass has the lowest of all commercially available reinforcing fibers which makes the reason for its widespread use in the industry. The S-glass was originally developed for the aircraft components and missile casting; as they have the highest tensile strength of all fibers in use [29].
3. Carbon fibre reinforced polypropylene
When carbon fibers are reinforced with polypropylene composites they provide high impact resistance and rigidity, which makes it favorable to use in automotive and structural engineering. In the recent years more functions such as easy paintability, low coefficient of thermal expansion and scratch resistant property has been a great concern. Automotive parts such as bumpers faces are usually painted prior to installation. This is done because the polypropylene resin has
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However the strength and stability of polymer-fiber interface determines the final properties of the polypropylene composites. The main advantages of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites are high tensile strength, low cost, high chemical resistance and good insulating properties. The disadvantages are high specific gravity, low tensile modulus, high hardness and low fatigue resistance. One of the methods used to improve final properties of the glass fiber polypropylene is by matrix modification. In this method, polar functional groups are introduced to polypropylene chains so as to improve compatibility with polar strengthening and achieve a homogenous dispersion of fillers, reinforcements and additives [37]. Apart from automotive bumpers glass reinforced polymers are used for structure and function parts such as washing machine parts, axial fan blades of industries, irrigation equipment parts, skeleton of instrument panel
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