Advantage And Disadvantage Of Rectenna

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Today’s world scenario there is an necessity for an alternative energy source which replaces the on hand source of energy. These include rectenna’s, solar cells, harvesting human energy and wind power. A new imminent rectenna system design incarnates an antenna, a Schottky diode, a matching circuit and a DC filter. The harmonics rejection of the antenna is primarily used to reduce the rectenna size. The filter implemention provides the various advantages in the antenna structure such as Miniature of rectenna size, hence its become suitable for several applications where the size and weight are well thought-out as critical aspects. There is maximum energy conversion efficiency in this configuration when compared to the conventional type design.…show more content…
INTRODUCTION Various energy harvesting techniques which form best alternative to the existing energy resources. These include energy harvesting from wind energy, hydro power, tidal power, geothermal and solar power. Solar rectennas are used to harvest solar power but those rectennas are operates at GHz/THz and finds many disadvantages such as power fading, complicated design procedure and high manufacturing technology. Thus, it has been recommanded to use rectennas operating at low range of frequencies which consists of antennas not to harvest solar power but to harvest electromagnetic waves. Instead of all those energy harvesting techniques used to harvest resources like solar, wind and tidle, rectennas are simple and inexpensive to construct. Voltage harvested can be doubled with help of DC-up convertors PN junction diode and transistor are used as rectifier for low frequency signal (low frequency RF signal) but for microwaves (1 GHz and higher), Schottky diodes (si or GaAs ) with shorter transit times are required. In the present case, we have chosen silicon based on availability, low cost, and simulated performance. Similar to low-frequency, high-power applications, the diode is driven as a half-wave

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