Advantage And Disadvantage Of Smartphones

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ABSTRACT Now -a-days mobile phones have become a fundamental part of our daily life. It is very difficult to see people who doesn’t have smartphone. All smartphones use lithium ion batteries which are rechargeable and capable of holding charge for a short time. This issue can be overcome by using batteries made of graphene which can be charged quickly and hold the charge for comparatively longer time compared to Lithium ion batteries. Super capacitors, unlike batteries can be charged quickly but cannot store charge for a long time. Graphene based super capacitors are said to store almost as much energy as Lithium ion batteries, charge and discharge in seconds and maintain all this over tens of thousands of charging cycles. …show more content…

For example, Graphene-based touch panel modules have been sold in volume to cell phone, wearable device and home appliance manufacturers.
Graphene supercapacitors serve as energy storage alternate to conventional electrolytic batteries. Among benefits are fast charging, long life span and environmentally friendly manufacturing.. By 2017, commercial graphene supercapacitor units were obtainable for industrial power applications, with maximal power output of 1500 kW. In 2016, a regenerative braking system for large trucks using a graphene-based supercapacitor was developed. In 2016, development of an electric car that will use Graphene supercapacitor instead of lithium-ion batteries was announced.
Its low energy density as compared to lithium-ion batteries is being spoken. The intended electric car would aim a minimum scope of 400 miles (640 km). In supplement to electronic applications, graphene has also been discovered to improve the colour of photonic crystals, hence has capability for applications in optical devices. The international market for graphene touched $9 million by 2012 with most sales in the semiconductor, electronics, battery, energy storage or conversion, and composites

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