Advantage And Disadvantage Of Solar Cell

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The electricity Requirements are increasing day by day at a huge alarming rate,due to generation of electricity by conventional methods ,the fossil fuels are depleted at a rate greater rather than the expected rate , and also due to risk factors involved in power generation using Nuclear Reactors we are forced to move to newer types of energy generation but also in terms of a clean energy ,Solar energy is one among such in terms of clean energy which has witnessed a great revolution in energy generation along past two decades. This Module deals with the Organic Solar Cells in other words Polymer solar cells. It comprises of Introduction to Organic solar cells,its production,cost involved etc. KEYWORDS: Renewable energy, Organic Solar…show more content…
Solar cells are categorized into three major generations , First generation solar cells are based on silicon wafers and have an efficiency of 15-20%, The major advantage of first generation solar cells is their stability ,However due to heavier production costs ,large amount of energy is involved during their production that makes their large scale production uneconomic and unaffordable . The second generation Solar cells are based on amorphous silicon,CIGS,CdTe where typical performance is in the range of 10-15% efficiency,Second generation solar cells does not use silicon wafer and have a lesser materials consumption which reduces its production costs. The Production of second generation cells invloves vaccum and temperature processes hence it decreases the efficiency and also it increases the production costs,most of the materials used in second generation are scarce in nature hence their production costs are very high but less in comparison with first generation solar
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