Advantage And Disadvantage Of Wireless Communication

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Wireless Communication
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Introduction to Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Wireless communication is a field of telecommunication industry which provides an information transfer between two distant points without any need of wires, cables or electrical conductors. Today it's used in many fields of daily life such as internet, radios, telephones, mobiles, wireless computer parts, GPS units, satellites, television, remote controls, security systems and many more. Wireless communication has many advantages and a great importance in today's technology since it helps devices
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I. Introduction
Mankind have been trying to communicate with each other since the beginning of the genesis. That communication, at the beginning, provided by some cave paintings or gestures and facial expressions. But since the world improved and the places that man could reach got wider, people need to shrink it. Actually this is what the scientists have been trying to do.
Thanks to wireless communication, the communication is becoming easier and the more technology improves the more it comes into our lives. According to scientists we could have a world not so much different from a sci-fi movie in a few decades. We may able to talk to people on the other side of the world in 3D or live in a smart city which includes all connected devices and building through internet. We may not too far these technologies.
II. History of Wireless Communication
The history of electrical communication actually began in the 1700s with invention of electrical telegraph. However wireless communication systems started to appear later in the early 1800s with the invention of wireless telegraphy.
The oldest electromagnetic wireless system is really similar to and based

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