Advantage And Objectives Of Arduino

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1.1 Introduction

In this fast growing society, people are constantly in a rush and go about their daily life activities under a lot of pressure and stress. As a result, unpleasant situation happened due to careless intention parents who leave their children in an enclosed vehicle for long periods of time. This forgetfulness attitude would bring harmful and dangerous to their children due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain. Some of the children would become unconscious and would eventually die if not getting attention by anyone. Besides, society problem getting serious as days pass by especially car theft crime increasing every year. Thus, regards to the incidents happened, safety device for guarantee people’s safety shall come with
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It can be programmed with the instructions to interact with diversify forms of input and output. Besides, it also can develop stand-alone interactive objects or can be connected to software on the computer such as Flash, Processing and MaxMSP [1]. Arduino has its own programming software which is Arduino software. This software is published as open-source tool, a lot of coding examples provided in the software for the convenience of the beginners. Arduino language is created based on C++ programming language, which is easier compared to others. Figure 2.2: Arduino products [2] In order to bring more convenience for all users, Aduino and several third party companies developed numerous types of modules with additional functions that can be attached to the main board. There are several modules such as a GSM module, LCD display and USB port.

2.1.2 Microchip PIC
Microchip developed many types of electronic devices, the most popular is PIC. It initially referred to Peripheral Interface Controller. A standard PIC consists of Input/Output, Timing, CPU, Interrupt Circuitry, and memory where this entire element was connected through system bus. PIC conducts the logical data to process the input signal and produce the output signal. PIC 18 is the most popular and common among all the PIC
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