Advantage For The Battle Of Victory In The Vietnam War

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Introduction I strongly believe that technology will never be a decisive advantage for the victory in war. Through the Vietnam War, there are evidences that the technologically advanced US Army lost the only War that they had participated in the history of United States of America. While technology can help the US army to win battle, Technology did not deliver a decisive advantage victory to the United State in the Vietnam War. Instead the use of a good strategy in a familiar environment to its advantage, and the high motivation and willingness to fight from the less technologically advanced Viet Cong, gave the much-needed victory in the Vietnam War. Vietnam has dark history of resistance to the foreign ruling, constantly fighting both the imperial and colonial powers before they met the Americans. The French lost its position of Vietnam to the Japanese during WWII. After the surrender of Japan in 1945, a communist’s force started the struggle for Vietnam to be an Independent country. They claimed their independence in 1954 but their country was divided into two as part of Geneva accords. The north was ruled by a communist leader and the south governed by a democratic government. The United States believed in the Domino Theory of which they were feared that the fall of South Vietnam would cause a chain reaction to the rest of Southeast Asia…show more content…
The North Vietnamese soldiers were dedicated to fight for their independence and for communism. They were conscripted forces and they were aggressively faithful to their leader, Ho Chi Minh. The Viet Cong were more motivated to fight and win the war than the Americans as they were defending their own motherland. The Viet Cong were aided by the North Vietnamese leaders with military supplies and philosophy support. They also had the backing from China and the Soviet Union who were also communist
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