Advantage Of Home Field Advantage

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There are advantages to playing at home outside of during the game like no traveling, sleeping in your own bed, and home cooked meals (Voyer, 2015). Other researchers implied that another possible influence for the home team is officiating bias (Wright and House 1984). In Baumeister and Steinhilber’s study, a supportive audience increased the home team’s general motivation during the game (Baumeister and Steinhilber 1984). Previous research suggested humans are alike animals in a way that both are more confident, more powerful, and have less stress in their own territory than the opponent’s territory (Ardrey, 1966; Lea 1984; Brown 1987; Forsyth, 1990). According to study done by Jon Bois for SB nation, teams would have a significant amount…show more content…
Since most people in society claim that playing a home can be a game changer in all grades or levels of sports, including collegiate and professional games, the experimenters wanted to see whether or not this theory is true. The experimenters also wanted to see if home field advantage makes a difference for playoff games. Most sport leagues, including the NFL, NHL, and NBA, have the better teams or higher seeds play more at home than away throughout the playoffs. The experimenters wanted to know if playing more games at home should be considered when deciding or predicting who wins each game in the…show more content…
The study looked at home wins and away wins for the regular season. The experimenter’s study differed from previous experiment because of how the experimenters from previous studies only looked at data for how many wins a team had at home and away. An example of a study is how Baumeister and Steinhilber’s, who looked at only the effect of a home game in the playoffs. Another example is how Jon Bois’s study calculated only how many more games a team would win if they only played at home. Jon Bois did not look at how many points a team would score. The study also looked at the score averages for home games and for away games. The study was similar to previous experiments because of how the study looked at win to loss ratio for home and away
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