Advantage Of Multiculturalism

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Multiculturalism is the view on different cultures, races, and ethnics. America serves as the melting pot where multiple cultures, religions, and ethnicities can coexist without the threat of violence. For example, immigrants are able to obtain citizen ship and build their own businesses and promote them how they want. There main purpose is to sell ethnic food and items to people of the same culture. They are also given the opportunity to advertise their business how they would like. Multiculturalism has been used for example as a term to characterize the moral and political claims of a wide range of groups, including African Americans, women, LGBT people, and people with disabilities.
Multiculturalism in the workplace has its advantages. Having
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There were, post-World War II, new ideas around the world about race. These might as well have come about due to the new awareness of what racism could do when put into practice by groups such as the Nazi Party. Racial authority were now regarded with greater suspicion, making it difficult for Australia to defend its White Australia policy. Internally the criticism was being echoed by church groups and others. Some of these groups had become verbal against the White Australia policy during the 1950s. In the 1960s they were joined by a larger force involving academics, university students, journalists, ethnic community leaders and social workers who worked in migrant settlement…show more content…
Everyone should be treated fairly and given a change. In today’s society many people don’t put themselves in each other shoes. We all bleed the same color so what is the reason to treat others different? Everyone is out here in the world to learn, to make money to live, or to simply become accepted. With a majority of people showing hate, it makes it for a society with a lot of crime against each other when we all have to live as one. I believe if you have someone start at your job, treat them as you would want to be
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