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The African Philosophy of Ubuntu (Botho 3
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Botho (Ubuntu) is an ancient African way of living which has been preserved from generation to generation. Botho is an important aspect of life which promotes the spirit of humanity, respect and harmony. It creates a competitive advantage for an organization because it leads to good term work, good customer service therefore leading to goodwill of the organization. This increases productivity and efficiency thus increasing the performance of the firm. However the spirit of Botho is no longer valuable in modern societies and it is slowly dying because of
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Entrepreneurs are constantly trying every possible strategies to survive the world of business. Botho (Ubuntu) have been questioned if it can be a source of competitive advantage for organization. This paper therefore s seeks to find out if Ubuntu can be a competitive advantage and can improve the performance of the business. Literature will be reviewed and analyzed on African Ubuntu and its implications on management of the business. The paper addresses the background of Ubuntu philosophy and how can it improve the performance of the organization. The spirit of Ubuntu will also the addressed by a traditional leader about their perception on how Ubuntu came to being and how it has been preserved over the years. The paper further gives out the understanding of Botho by entrepreneur and how they practice it. Lastly the paper establishes the findings and the view of a writer on the philosophy of Ubuntu in achieving competitive…show more content…
It is about the essence of being human; the part of the gift that Africa will give the world. (Tutu, 2008). (Tutu, 2008)Defines Ubuntu as communicating, caring, and sharing with humans in harmony with all of creation. It embraces hospitality, caring about others, being willing to go the extra mile for the sake of another. Ubuntu implies a web of human relationships in which Africans are engaged. These relations are characterized by the spirit of interdependence and mutual trust as people rely on each other in everyday life. (Barbara, 2003) Further argues that Ubuntu is the capacity in African culture to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, harmony, and humanity in the interests of building and maintaining community. Ubuntu calls on us to believe and feel that: Your pain is my pain, my wealth is your wealth, and your salvation is my salvation In essence, Ubuntu addresses our interconnectedness, our common humanity, and the responsibility to each other that flows from our connection. The presence of Ubuntu have been described in many words. These words are obedience, kindness, caring, compassion, sympathy, interdependence, solidarity, hospitality, generosity, sharing, affirming, harmony, collectivity and consensus. Ubuntu values life, dignity, compassion, humaneness harmony and reconciliation (Hailey , Witchtner , & Tutu,
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