Advantage and Disadvantage of Amazon

2124 Words9 Pages is one of the most popular web sites in the short history of the internet. It began as a book seller and has expanded to include all sorts of general merchandise from clothing to appliances and more. once sold only new items but the people in charge quickly discovered that a large market existed for selling used merchandise. They decided to tap into this market for used goods, creating the Marketplace, a place for consumers to find products at low prices. What Does This Service Offer?: Marketplace is simply a service within the web site that caters to those who want to find used versions of products in order to save money. Also, it provides a means to find items for sale that…show more content…
These last two charges vary based on the price level of the item you sell. If you are selling something like a book, DVD, or CD, Marketplace will charge you a flat fee. If you are selling something larger, like a DVD player, you will be charged a fee based on the weight. Commissions are computed as a percentage and depend on the category of the item you sold. If you sell an electronic item (except for a computer), the commission is six percent. If you sell a computer, the rate is eight percent. Musical instruments carry a twelve percent commission while items in the “Everything Else” store will charge you ten percent. All other products will charge you fifteen percent commission. When you make a sale, the transaction is handled completely by Marketplace. You do not need to setup a Paypal account or other on- line financial account. All you need is a bank account. will deposit the money directly to your bank every two weeks. Shipping Charges: Probably the greatest disadvantage of the Marketplace for buyers is the added shipping charges. Almost everything you buy will have a shipping charge added. And, unfortunately, you cannot take advantage of’s free shipping offer on orders of $25 or more. If you are buying from the Marketplace, this and other “free” offers no longer apply. In the case of individual people offering items
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