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Essay, Question 1 Mental disorder can be classified in many ways. Earliest attempts can be traced back to the ancient Greece. In 5 B.C. Hippocrates tried to establish a classification system for mental disorder. He used words such as mania, hysteria to classify mental illness. In the course of time the vocabulary had been enhanced by word such as circular madness, paranoia etc. However, the first classification system with real scientific profile was provided by Emil Kreapelin (1856-1926). Nowadays, the World Health Organization´s International Classification of Diseases 10 ( ICD -10) and the American Psychiatric Association´s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (of Mental disorders) IV (DSM – IV TR) (2000) are the most commonly used…show more content…
The persons had been trained to use the Sleep-Eval knowledge- based system (Ohayon, 1994), which is a diagnostic tool for administration and management of telephone surveys. The results illustrated the need and importance of standardized classification systems to distinguishing between sleep disorder and insomnia constitutes a symptom of a mental disorder. Nowadays, it is also possible to distinguish between schizophrenia and mood disorder with psychotic symptoms. This is important as diagnosis and the therapeutic approach change. Patient’s, which have been described in the past as having “hysteria” achieve appropriate treatments, rather than shut away for protection of others. National/international consultation and empirical studies enable a new partnership between clinical psychiatry and the cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, behavioral psychotherapies. The relationship enable to come up with a combined treatment. For some mental disorders the use of combined treatments has been written down in specialized literature. For examplePatient suffering with social phobia are mostly treated with antidepressants as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It is possible to eliminate the physical symptoms resulting from anxiety with antidepressants drugs, but the decreased sociability, bad assertiveness etc. need to be treated with other therapies as CBT. Blashfield and Draguns (1976) described the utility the manuals as a helpful
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