Advantages And Challenges Of International Students

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The following paragraphs will discuss the challenges and expectation or support needed by international students based on some empirical studies by other researchers Challenges can be defined as a situation that faced by someone with some of problems or difficulties. The international students experience transition and adjustment difficulties is not a new issue when we talk about International and education. As stated by Malaklolunthu et al., (2011) which is with the rising interest of foreign students towards Malaysia, the Malaysian education sector both private and public must pay attention to the adjustment and transition issues of international students. Studies have shown, international students experience challenges adjusting…show more content…
In order to attract more international students, it is important to understand and develop measures to overcome the various kinds of adjustment problems they face (Malaklolunthu et al., 2011). The international student really needs some support to overcome their difficulties in order to have a good life and environment while studying in Malaysia. It is supported by the finding of Umar et. al., (2014) stated that students have some expectation to support them while they stay outside their home country. According to Mahmud et al., (2010) efficient international offices, multicultural trained student personnel, and support programs built for international students will help improve services for international students. University language centers need to be empowered to ensure that international students secure their language ability before joining the academic programs. On the students’ part, good performance in both local language and English language help international students to learn about local culture and to enable them to make the most of their study experience in Malaysia. Other than that, Yusoff & Chelliah (2010) find that adjustments by students fall into two categories: socio-cultural adjustments are related to behavioural ability to fit in and could be considered from a social learning perspective predicted by variables related to the social skills acquisitions and cognitive
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