Advantages And Cons And Disadvantages Of 360 Degree Appraisals

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I interviewed the human resource team member, Sonya, who is assigned to my department at work. She was involved with or conducted 360 degree appraisals up until roughly six months ago when she started with the current company. I spoke with Sonya about what exactly she considered a 360 degree appraisal. She told me that customarily nearly all of the information covered in the performance area is leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and adaptability to new situations or last minute assignments. While we were talking about this she did go over some of the differences between 180 degree appraisals and the 360 degree ones. One of the main differences that she pointed out is that 360 degree involves customer feedback that goes along with the leaders and teammates. Sonya did have some mixed feeling regarding 360 degree appraisals and feedback, in which will be discussed later, nonetheless Sonya feels that if done correctly, they can provide excellent feedback as well as being motivating for all employees. One point that was noted is that she feels there actually is no perfect process for appraisals and that every company needs to look at their individual requirements when determining the best way to receive and give feedback. When conducting 360 degree appraisals she also is partial to having some competency- based job evaluations. Advantages of 360 Degree Appraisals Sonya feels that the advantages of 360 degree appraisals do outweigh the disadvantages for many companies. One of the core advantages that she brought up was the fact that a leader cannot be on site 24/7 to observe every person. When you have multiple individuals who are able to provide feedback it allows the leader or HR representative providing the feedback to understand if there are differences in how employees act when the leader is around versus when the leader is not around. Sonya stated that she saw it many times where the leader would say how well an employee was doing but the employees coworkers would come back with a different evaluation and after looking into it some the employee was basically putting on a show for the leader. Another advantage that we discussed is that since the 360 degree appraisal allows multiple sources
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