Advantages And Cons Of Air Pollution In Mitrovica

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Mitrovica is the city with the highest air pollution, in particular with heavy metals. The humans are considered as one of the main causes of air pollution.Air pollution is caused by: Road traffic - The biggest sources of air pollution are businesses, cars and other motor vehicles, these are the ones that have been clearly with a huge negative effect on health . Figure 1 (Diesel car drivers face new restrictions in cities, 2015)
The Industry - Mitrovica is known as an industrial city, is the city with the highest pollution of the environment, even that the industry is not in function. Particulate Matter- some of particulate matters in Mitrovica are: PM10, PM2.5 Chemical activities (Trepça)- The industrial wastes that this landfill contains are : jarosite, pyrite and pirotine, and the wastes that are created by the process of leaching neutral of zinc oxide and phosphogyps. Figue 2 (Stan Tergu dhe Artana jashte prodhimit, 2015).

Water Pollution

Water helps people stay alive, but
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Give your opinion on its advantages and disadvantages, in Kosovo area.

“Kosovo has great potential in its agriculture sector, considering its arable land, good climate, and human and natural resources. Agriculture can be a source of development, especially if the industry of food and beverages it is going to be developed which would create demand for agricultural products, and produce more products with “added value” in the country-stated” (, 2016). Beside the great potential, it is faced with a lot of advantages and disadvantages which represent a challenge for the development of agriculture

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