Advantages And Cons Of Globalization And Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

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Wikipedia defined globalization (or globalisation) is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and mutual sharing, and other aspects of culture. It shows that as the world are being allocate under the same unit as there is no differences among the country without being restricted by the borders and geographical position of a country. As being in this process, the sky is wide open to be penetrated by a variety of information through intermediate communications media such as internet. Hereby, this greater achievement enables the relationship between a country and others can be gain by a short time.
As the history of globalization, in 20th of century, it was linking the nations and peoples
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For example, Bahasa Melayu was being practiced by whole residents in Malaysia as our national language. When almost university used English as their official language and also being practiced in teaching and communication, it shows that Bahasa Melayu being liked abandon behind. Tukus Dubrow observed that English language is gradually use but steadily eradicating the local dialect or language such as Bahasa Melayu. Furthermore, the indigenous language of Nigeria also vanished because of English language deemed as official language of the country. Globalization has made English language as predator language. James (1997) stated that English language is a killer language because of the people tends to use English in advertising, movies and music, and also as vital tool of success. As we can see, English has become certainly the most widely use and successful lingua franca. Last but not least, Wade (1997) remarks that the people should continue their origin…show more content…
Globalization has implemented their changes to the whole world as the agreement and liberalization of telecommunication between the nation that to be wired and plugged into television’s programme, movies, news, music, and life style. It shows by recently, we were espoused in by the entertainment from Korean about “Gangnam Style” that spread widely until others country try to follow the style from that group. It shows that by browsing the internet, the others can get the effect as well. Next, the spread advertisement of Coca-cola over the worlds. As we know that the loud echoing advertisement rhythms of the famous Coca-cola drinks can be heard across the towns, cities and even in the remote areas via the television and others media social. Nowadays, we can easily find Coca-cola, McDonalds and KFC in most of the country in this world. Its mean that globalization has make the people become familiar with the culture of others country that tends for the great
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