Advantages And Differences Between Airport Pavement Vs. Highway Pavements

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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date of Submission: Airport Pavement vs. Highway Pavement Introduction Airport and highway pavements should have sufficient quality and thickness to support airplane and highway loads respectively without failure (Mukabi & Ngaya 152). In addition, their surfaces should be firm and strong throughout the year and in any whether conditions. Both pavements must be stable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions as well as abrasion by traffic. To achieve these requirements, several factors of design and construction should be incorporated to guarantee a quality pavement. In this paper, the highway and airport pavement construction, their advantages, disadvantages, differences and their respective…show more content…
The subbase and base course constructions involves Placement and compaction similar to the one for subgrades. The materials from construction are brought from different locations to the construction site. They constitute course grain materials, providing more strength compared to the subgrade materials. Each construction layer added comes with additional strength hence, the subbase should be stronger than the subgrade and vice versa (kadza et al.,…show more content…
Equally important, gradation of aggregate materials is carried out in order to achieve sufficient strength. The materials passing the No. 200 sieve is within acceptable limits to eliminate the effects of frost such as premature pavement failure (Mukabi & Ngaya 153). The strength and durability of the Subbase and base course materials are also enhanced through stabilization. This is achieved by applying either Asphalt or Portland cement to stabilize the subbase and base courses. Excessive compressive strength should be avoided as it may cause reflective pavement
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