Advantages And Disadvantage Of Internet

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We depend on internet for most of our business. It provides us with infinite information about everything. One can find as much information as he does not want to written on a subject .One of the things that makes internet indispensable for a person is that internet is easily accessible. It is enough for us to enter a word or phrase to reach so much information about it. This not only brings time saving for a person but also the process is so short and not tiring for the individual. He does not need to read hundreds of pages for an assignment as internet will provide him with the summary of the text whatever it is. And there are lot of other benefits and even the drawbacks about…show more content…
This will reduce the manpower and save the government’s budget. There are sites like Wikipedia, Coursers, Babble, Archive, and Teacher tube, among others that have dedicated themselves to the art of imparting knowledge to people of all age groups.
On the other hand there is also few negative impact of internet to the Bhutanese. Most youth they waste their time on Face book and had become addicted to internet. They don’t utilize the service in an appropriate manner and post all those nasty comments over others profile. There are also other disadvantage in terms of copying western culture and practicing in the country. We can make out when we look at the way how they dress and behave. But being as a Bhutanese, if we want to promote our culture we need to think and act
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