Advantages And Disadvantage Of Renewable Energy In South Africa

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1. Introduction
South Africa is currently experiencing many problems and crises with its supply of sufficient and consistent energy. South Africa as a country can no longer rely on its current electricity providers like Eskom to provide it with sufficient daily energy. The main problem is that in South Africa the main resource for obtaining electrical energy is through the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. In this report there will be an examination of many alternative methods for obtaining energy in this country that is not only more sustainable but more or less completely renewable. Renewable energy is the logical step forward for South Africa.

2. General overview of renewable energy

2.1 Definition of renewable energy. Renewable energy according to a report called ‘Renewable energy and
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It does not pollute its environment in any way, it doesn’t disturb the eco-systems around it and is preferred over wind power in communities because it does not make noise like wind turbines do. 4.2. Disadvantages
The disadvantages of solar is first of all the cost of solar panels and the installation of them. For many South African households it is not even possible to afford solar panels so the possibility of every home with a solar panel system and providing itself with renewable energy falls a bit out of reach. Although it is costly, the solar panels pay for themselves after the first 5 years and from then on your electricity is completely free and environmentally friendly. It is also more secure than relying on Eskom to provide electricity at the current state of the national power grid.

There is almost the fact that the storage of energy in any type of solar energy household unit it not extremely effective. The batteries themselves can’t store a massive amount of energy and are very large and quite difficult to find any space for them in a normal home.

5. General
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