Advantages And Disadvantage Of Supermarkets

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Nowadays we could easily find minimarkets in Surabaya. As we can see, in one area we can find 4-5 minimarkets. We are walking 100m and then we will find Indomaret, walk again slightly we will find Alfamart and others minimarkets. According to Government of Surabaya has saved 667 name of minimarkets in Surabaya. The details are 234 Alfamart, 293 Indomart, 3 AlfaXpress, 9 Rajawalimart, 7 Superindo, 42 Alfamidi, 15 Circle K, and 64 others. So many minimarkets near from our house appear due to increasing community needs. Not only primary needs like rice, shampoo, soaps and foods, but also we can find in Minimarket nowadays to fulfill our secondary needs like refil the phone credits, top up E-toll card, pay the electricity bills and even in Minimarkets we can buy ticket for plane, trains, bus or travel. In addition, products in minimarkets are more complete, we can find so many various items in there so that many people support the existence of many minimarket. The number of minimarkets also bring good economic effects…show more content…
According to,one minimarket need more or less 10-15 employees. They can be a manager, IT supervisor, Tax staff, cashier , trainee and many more .We can imagine how many people can work in minimarkets. There are arround 6670 people total in general who are working in the area of minimarkets. For example, the men who have more power can be a warehouse demolisher, they also can be carrier services for supply all things that minimarkets needs and the women can be a cashier or administrator in minimarket. In outside area, minimarkets give a little bit of land ( in front of minimarkets) to lower class people to open a mini stall like kebab corner, juice and snacks. It really helps the lower class society to get an job easily, because as we know, working in Minimarket as employee does not need to have a high
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