Advantages And Disadvantages And Evils Of A Hospital

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Hospital in every sense of it should be a place of safety for everyone expecially for those that are sick or having one ailment or the other.It should be a place where the sick can confidently walk or carry in to with almost if not 100 percent safety from any other things apart from the condition he or she came with as his condition is being attended to so that he or she can go back home without additional problems.

Of recent,the health system of many countries around the world was ranked based on the quality of their health care system ,but with no too much surprise, our health care system was among the poorest of all the countries that were ranked all over the world.You may be wondering, why is it like that,the reasons are obvious that
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Many patients have died as a result of lack of equipment that would have been used for their diagnosis and treatment. This is one of the evils that patients experience in our hospital. I know of a hospital with big radiology complex which has been built for some years now but no equipment.Some hospitals who managed to get few of the needed equipment don't even have the standard equipment, what they have are substandard, this is a terrible situation, such equipment cannot work for long without breaking down and you can not even boast of or completely rely on their outputs.
This is really endangering the life of the patients in our hospitals.

For the safety of patients ,my plea goes to our hospital management to do what it's needful and purchase quality and standard equipment for the good and safety of our patients, they should consult relevant authorities such as government , and private individuals who can donate some of these equipment to our hospitals.In my very hospital, the dialysis machine we are using was donated by a group of people in the state,this good gesture can as well be done to our hospitals in Nigeria.

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