Advantages And Disadvantages

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BY JOVAN L. THOMAS Going to school on campus typically means the student attends a classroom with an instructor. The student is in a classroom setting, and the instructor teaches the information. The student has the opportunity to be engaged with the instructor’s lesson. Campus learning requires that the student has set days, and time to attend class. A school campus usually has a library, classrooms, student centers, and parking lot settings. Going to school online is where the student is studying a major and doesn’t have to go to an actual campus. Online learning has the assistance of the internet and a computer. It is geared for students who have other commitments such as work, kids, or other obligations. Online learning requires the student to respond to the instructor by a certain deadline. It also requires the students to interact with their other classmates. Online learning requires students to sign into a website and get assignments completed by the required deadline. The online school usually sends the textbooks out for the student study material instead of you going to the bookstore to purchase them. Attending school on a campus is more beneficial than attending school online. Research has been conducted through surveys, journals, and scholarly articles. The
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